Monday, February 9, 2009

Promise Fulfilled

In January, I posted a photo of the buds of the honesuckle bush at the end of my house. In that post I shared with my readers that these blossoms come in February and true to my word they have opened nicely. I was concerned that the buds would be damaged by all the ice we had a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, the plant has a built in defense system against just such an event because as far as I can tell no buds were lost at all. The leaves look worse for wear on the periphery of the plant but on the inner branches where they would have been protected from the majority of the ice there is very little damage.
I cannot even begin to describe the smell of this flower. It is nothing like the sickly sweet smell of the Japanese honesuckle that is so invasive throughout the U.S. It is more spicy than sweet. I love this plant and it is a welcome addition to my garden.

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