Wednesday, September 9, 2009

July 31: Collage

I love collages.

July 30

One of my all time favorite photos....We were so unprepared to go to the beach this day. But the little guy had never experienced the ocean. His first attempt with the waves ended him up on his bum and a wave washing over him. He came up sputtering laughed and went back in. How fun was this trip!

July 29

We saw several dolphin while we were on the boat!

July 28

Oh No! They let him drive the dolphin boat! Look out world a 40 lb. captain at the helm!

July 27

And another sunset....just love this!

July 26

Believe the photo speaks for itself!

July 25

A gull sat on this post everyday of our vacation. I wonder if it was the same one the whole time?

July 24

Mobile, AL skyline....from east of downtown (in the dock area).

July 23

This is just prior to a fall through the picnic table because he wouldn't listen to me and quit climbing all over it. I guess experience has to be the teacher most of the time.

July 22

It has been such a long time since I have been able to get both my husband and son to slow down long enough to take a picture of them together. This is one of my favorites I have taken.

July 21

Husband's toy!

July 20

The little guy is trying to figure out how to work his seatbelt! Look at the concentration on his face.

July 19

This American Goldfinch is playing peek a boo with me. He was so funny to watch.

July 18

A monarch visited the butterfly bush today!

July 17

I love butterflies!

July 16

They are making the science building handicap accessible. Hard to believe the university is just now getting around to doing this.

July 15

huh? glad I wasn't coming through this intersection at the time this dude fell off the wagon!

July 14

The saltwater aquarium in the science building at the local university. So pretty to watch this aquarium and it is very relaxing to sit in the lobby and read. (not chemistry text though, LOL)

July 13

I have enrolled in a class entitled, "Concepts in Chemistry." The class is supposed to better prepare me for teaching Physical Science. Not sure it is going to work though. Seems to be way over my head.

July 12

Playing with the "big jet", this $2 toy has been very entertaining for the little guy!

July 11

Little guy likes to pick the buds off the crepe and throw them at the cat!

July 10

The Boots cat relaxing....

July 9

Crepe Myrtle....

July 8

The little guy held these ducks when they were teeny weeny....