Sunday, February 1, 2009

Clean UP

Let the clean up begin! From the trees in my front yard we have about 10 branches to cut and remove. Unfortunately, there are still several broken and hanging from their respective trees. One set of branches fell into the azalea bed, but it looks as though only one azalea will be a loss. That is a small blessing considering the amount of work we put into the bed. The pines on the neighboring vacant lot seem to have taken the biggest hit as one would expect. No great loss there. We have wanted to cut them for several years now, because their pollen gives hubby and son fits in the spring.
Other pictures include the azalea bed mess and some of the limbs from the pines. I haven't had the heart to walk through the back of the property yet. I can see numerous limbs down from the deck and it is sickening. I certainly hope that groundhog forecasts an early spring tomorrow!

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