Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ooops! forgot to do Friday's and Saturday's pictures

The difficult part of this challenge that I have accepted is not going to be taking the photo but rather getting the darn things posted and blogged. Oh well here are Friday Saturday and Sunday's pictures.

Data from Friday's lab. Students tested their reaction times using finger on a stopwatch vs. a pencil on the stopwatch. With minor exceptions, they were faster with the pencil.

Sunset, at a stoplight, as the clouds roll in for the beginning of long gray days; I love the sun. And I suppose you have to have the gray to appreciate the sun.

This is what my desk looked like when I left work Friday. I am so bad about creating piles and piles of stuff. I need a professional organizer to follow me around and take care of the messes. What about you?

1 comment:

  1. Love the piles!! I call my desk an archealogical dig - as you expose the top layers, you can figure out what time of the day (or what day of the week if I'm really bad!) it was that I started working on something...