Sunday, January 4, 2009

Already Behind

I have recently decided to accept the 365 day photo challenge. Several of the members of my PLN are doing it so why not? The problem is today is January 4th and I should have started on January 1st. Oh well , as they say it is better late than never.
So, this post will have 4 pictures on it. One for each day of the year. Please feel free to leave comments.

This first image captures my favorite pilot in full concentration mode, which is a good thing. I don't want to fly with a pilot that doesn't concentrate.

This picture is from January 3 and depicts my refrigerator art. A picture of the "C", a calendar that hasn't been thrown away yet, some abstract art with colored triangles, school work, and my favorite a "Me Poster". Little guy loved it that mom helped him make his poster. He colored his eyes and his pants. How delightful, of course the designers would have a fit over the clutter but not a mom. Because these triumphs show the little guy that mom and dad love him and give his work a place of honor.

And the next picture (Jan. 4) is one of my little guy playing the drums. Who really needs to spend hundreds of dollars on toys when their kid has an imagination? He first made pancakes for everyone in the house, then spaghetti, and then decided the pots would make great drums. Isn't it amazing how quickly little ones learn that bigger pots make different sounds than larger ones?

And finally just so I have the number of pictures to be on track for 365 come Dec. 31st, 2009 here is an additional one. I took a walk around the yard looking for something to photo. It has been a long time (3 yrs) since I attempted macrophotography and I have gotten a new digital camera since then.

As I walked around in the cold damp gray day, I wondered what could I possibly find worthy of posting. Remebering all the advice shared when I used real film I started think doesn't have to be outstanding subject to be good picture and you have to put film throught the camera to "get good." So, I have finally settled on this little fern. I noticed it last spring because it looked so forlorn wedged in the rock crevice. And look at it now, it has flourished, grown and is still hanging on. Perserverance comes to mind. And as I was getting up off the ground, "belly botany", I noticed that there is another colony coming on farther down the line of rocks.

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