Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010: Little Guy's First Fishing Trip

Today was the little guy's first fishing trip. I hope you enjoy the video for today. My husband was able to take off work and go with us. We fished with worms which the little guy said were "gross", but by the time we were into the 2nd hour of fishing he was playing with them. He never did touch the fish though; they were too yucky. We caught about three different types of Bream.

The little guy crashed on the couch for a power nap and was in the bed by 8 a.m. I am beat as well and will be crashing shortly as well. Today, was a good day and I am thankful we were able to spend the day together. He didn't wake up this morning until 9 a.m. We had two big days in a row.

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